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E-Awards Ad Specs - Ads Due by COB Nov 10, 2015

Ad Sizes

  1. Full Page Ad

        8.25”x10.75” (no bleed to the edge)

         8.5”x11” (w/bleed; all text at least ¼” from edges)

  1. Half Page Ad

         8.25”x5.375” (no bleed to the edge)

         8.5”x5.5” (w/bleed; all text at least ¼” from edges)

  1. Quarter Page Ad

         4.125”x5.375” (no bleed to the edge)

         4.25”x5.5” (w/bleed; all text at least ¼” from edges)d.

  1. Business Card Ad

          3.5”x 2”          

Acceptable Formats

PREFERRED -- PDF (fonts saved as curves/outline), CMYK (no RGB), minimum 300 dpi

Other formats accepted included: Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, WORD or PowerPoint.

We DO NOT accept Publisher files.


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FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Buyer of the Year_Application - 101314DOCX30.39 KB17 Oct, 2014 Download
Supplier Diversity Professional Application 101314DOCX27.55 KB15 Oct, 2014 Download
Public_Sector_Agency_Application - 101314 (2)DOCX30.39 KB15 Oct, 2014 Download
MBE Supplier_of_the_Year - 101314DOCX52.30 KB15 Oct, 2014 Download
MBE Construction Supplier_of_the_Year - 101314 - CopyDOCX52.30 KB15 Oct, 2014 Download
MBE ADVOCATE_of the Year Application 101314DOCX27.16 KB15 Oct, 2014 Download
EXECUTIVE_ADVOCATE Application 101314DOCX27.24 KB15 Oct, 2014 Download
Corporation of the Year_Application - 101314DOCX35.70 KB15 Oct, 2014 Download
Construction Corporation of the Year Application - 101314DOCX35.93 KB15 Oct, 2014 Download




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